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I mentioned several times that Fringed Jewels was the by-product of my experiment ... Where I converted my rarely/never-worn clothes into my private collection of deconstructed & reworked pieces that I love.

Below are a few of my reworked looks which, of course, are quite interchangeable (Click on any picture to start the picture gallery slideshow.)...

1) Top: Reworked a never-worn Tahari top; added favorite detail from a silk Ports 1961 (love their silk pieces) top and parts of a silk sash.
2) Necklace: Toggle-closure necklace with an added chain and a tassel that I made (my first handmade tassel).
3) Cuff: This is the culmination of several treatments, including combining lace and feathers, and adding color.
4) Sash: Reworked a section of never-worn jeans with ink, studs and leather strips with grommets.

1) Top: Reworked drape, sleeves and neckline.
2) Skirt: Combined two forgotten jeans (J Brand and Rich & Skinny) to make this asymmetrical front-panel-slit, maxi skirt.
3) Necklace: Reworked a lariat necklace with feather details to make it reversible.
4) Bag: Recolored this satchel (originally red).

1) Jacket: Added portions of pants to a Missoni jacket for a contrasting print and asymmetrical drape.
2) Cuff: Reworked a never-worn cuff with added shell button detailing.
3) Skirt: Updated a ruched skirt by creating a panel and side strips from a rarely-worn top.

1) Top: Combined a shell and a sheer vintage Gucci top.
2) Necklace: Reworked a loose feather from a Mardi Gras mask.
3) Skirt: See the skirt in the previous look.
4) Cuff: See the cuff in the previous look.

1) Skirt: Altered draping (not a personal fan of the a-line skirt) of this Galliano skirt to a mermaid style with added emphasis on asymmetrical hemline. Added patches for an alternative vibe.
2) Top: Reworked the neckline and inserted a lace-up side panel.
3) Cuff: Reworked a never-worn cuff with parts of a wood bangle.

1) Skirt: See the skirt in the previous look.
2) Top: Combined my never-worn Scrupoli silk shirt with a rarely-worn contrasting snake-pint top.
3) Cuff: See the cuff in the previous look.

1) Top: A dress combined with parts of two never-worn tops (one was Cavalli - the spider-web-like detailing on the right shoulder & hip).
2) Clutch: Reworked a never-used tablet sleeve.
3) Cuff: Never-worn shoes.
4) Jeans: These were hand-painted.

1) Jacket: Altered to have cape-style sleeves with knit longer sleeve and draped waist-tie added.
2) Jeans: See the jeans in the previous look.
3) Top: Added the bottom feather trim to add my "flavor" to my Lamberto Losani top.
4) Bracelet: Colored and added a chain and charm.

1) Jeans: Added studded panels from never-worn jeans and hand-painted the legs.
2) Top: Added the bottom trim and a back panel to this Tahari top to give it a swing, frilly drape.
3) Cuff: Hand-Painted black to up the drama.
4) Clutch: Reworked a never-used tablet sleeve.

1) Cuff: Combined three cuffs and added stud/charm details.
2) Belted Clutch: Reworked a faux fur Kennith Cole scarf with parts of never-worn shoes/belt.
3) Top: Combined my never-worn Robert Rodriguez top with a forgotten black Yigal Azrouël top for dramatic asymmetrical draping.
4) Jeans: See the jeans in the previous look.

1) Cape Cardigan: Combined my rarely-worn Y-3 and Anthropologie cardis.
2) Bike Chain Sweater Clip: Reworked sweater clip to lengthen the drape, and added new clip ends and additional chains.
3) Skirt: Combined part of a never-worn Calvin Klein sheath dress with a knit waist-tie detail.
4) Clutch: Reworked a never-used tablet sleeve.

1) Cuff: Never-worn shoes.
2) Top: A shell top combined with parts of a jacket, a Marithé + François Girbaud vest and a top.
3) Pants: Added the top of pants to fix a really low rise. This look could be worn with or without a camisole/slip.

1) Jeans: These were hand-painted.
2) Cuffs: Left - Resin & wood buttons, Right - Reworked a never-worn cuff with added shell button detailing.
3) Top: Reworked a cross-neck top with a draped panel insert for an ethereal feel
4) Jacket: Combined Rick Owens with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac jackets for a dramatic cape style.
5) Pin: Reworked a pendant from a forgotten necklace.

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