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Film & TV Projects

Substitute Set Costumer: “Ambitious” - February-March 2023
This was a fun project where I helped the wardrobe team for a few days when the costume designer was not on set. 

It was awesome to work again with some of the crew from”The Rainbow Prince” and make new connections. I was also able to test the prototype for my kit belt (which was really great - I made a few revisions thanks to this wonderful opportunity.).

Costume Consultant: “Mahogany Jones” - March-April 2022
This was a fun, fashion-focused indie project where I consulted on the lead actress’ looks for each scene.

Wardrobe/Costumer: “Wannabe A Star” (Episode 2) - January-March 2022
*August 2023 Update: This project is now a film!
Director: Mike Fox, Producers: Marquis Skinner & Mike Fox
This was a fun project and I loved the positively-charged energy of the cast & crew. 

Continuity shots (with markup) and the one picture that’s immediately after the markups, by me. Other BTS shots by Jr Diamond.

Costumer: “Room 9 … They Turned Us Into Killers” - August 2021
Director: Thomas Walton, Producer: Lauren Francesca 
This film is the sequel. The prequel was distributed by Lionsgate. My role focused on obtaining cast wardrobe and/or wardrobe pictures and sizing to ensure the director’s vision/standards were met, as well as creating additional costume pieces/props. On set costume prep.

The results of a quick wardrobe shopping pull

This project gave me my first IMDb credit  


Dressing with a limited budget

Costume Designer: “The Rainbow Prince” -  May-July 2021
Director: Laura Napier, Producer: Doug Claybourne 
I was the costume designer for the nonprofit, educational film short, “The Rainbow Prince”. It was an honor to not only work with a great team, but to also develop creative ways to bring the director’s vision to life.

On location 

On location 

Sourced look collage