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Why I Chose My Steamer

A steamer is extremely essential for any project. You will always need to touch up garments no matter how much you steam before or carefully pack your pieces.

I chose to go with a Rowenta steamer. It had decent reviews and I liked the attachments:

  • Steam Bonnet - A great cover that provides extra clothing protection from and water spurts and mineral (white powdery buildup from water used) stains.
  • Crease Attachment - It definitely makes it easier to address/sharpen a crease.
  • Over-the-Door Hook - It’s a nice bonus.

Using the crease attachment

Additional steamer hacks that I’ve learned:

1) Look at the reviews before you buy. That extra research can save dollars and time. Try to find unbiased reviews from sources like Consumer Reports or Buyers Guide. You must consider that other media can be biased; they will be motivated to not offend their current or potential advertisers.

2) Test the steamer first on fabric you’re not sure will take the heat well. Try and observe, inside trim that wont show if it reacts badly.

3) Gliding the steamer slowly over the fabric actually saves time. Fast swipes translates into the need to do it repeatedly.

4) I mentioned this one before but it’s worth repeating. Using a steam spray, like “Steam Booster” helps.

The final results

July 2023 Update: I love the Remington for remote projects. However, with my venture into pull rentals, I have opted to go back to my older, commercial, full-size steamer. It holds much more water, also has great attachments, works faster, and has a convenient built-in garment stand with hangers. 

The Added Bonus:The tank and hose allows you the option to steam items that are laid flat without water coming out (which often happens when you try this with the handheld versions).