The Background Story...

I'm Yolanda Keil. I am the blogger behind Fringed Jewels.

Fringed Jewels is my eclectic, handcrafted line of accessories where I convert forgotten, overlooked finds into bold, fearless pieces. I use eco-friendly materials whenever possible ... I like to call it my Fab Anti-Landfill Movement.

Fringed Jewels embodies my love of creativity and individual style. Each piece is a truly unique one-off. I don’t make multiples.

I started this adventure by channeling my love of unique detailing into my own clothing... where I converted 90% of my packed closet (focusing on those rarely/never worn pieces) into a deconstructed & reworked wardrobe that I couldn’t wait to wear.

My reworked projects had a great fit, functionality and reflected my style... sophisticated, with a touch of drama, and a good dose of eclectic edge. I like to call my style artistically rebellious and funky.

Next, I channeled that same deconstructed & reworked aesthetic into each creation. 


I am passionate about reworking neglected, forgotten items into striking, quality creations. My criteria for each piece is quite simple:
  • Does it bring my style of deconstructed & reworked, funky edge... that's uniquely detailed, yet organic (doesn’t look like "I'm trying too hard")?
  • Do I feel the itch to wear/use it myself?
I know it's ready if the answer is "Yes" to both questions. 

Questions? Email: