About Me...

I’m Yolanda Keil. I am a dreamer/former blogger and fashion stylist ... 
... The heart of Fringed Jewels.

Fringed Jewels is:

  • My hand stitched/crafted, wearable portfolio that demonstrates my stylist vision and creativity. 
  • My brand; my eclectic range of fashion styling.

My vision is to elevate the personal connection to fashion ... 

... to take it to the next level in style.

The Background:

I started experimenting with alterations ... I found my passion in channeling my unique style into my deconstructed & reworked clothes. I converted 90% of my packed closet (focusing on those rarely/never worn pieces) into a sustainable collection of funky creations that I couldn’t wait to wear.

I then applied that same deconstructed & reworked aesthetic to each crafted accessory. Each creation is truly a unique original with its own story. The idea of a story behind each piece makes it more personal. This was the start of the stylist vision and wearable portfolio ... Fringed Jewels.

More About Me:
  1. I am not the norm. I don’t follow traditional methodology. I prefer to learn the “rules”, and then boldly carve out my own unique niche (I have been called a rebel before.). I look for the unusual … the loopholes and gaps; seeking new opportunities.
  2. I spent a semester studying abroad in France (initially a month in Cannes, then Paris). It helped me see beyond “my little bubble”.
  3. I have an Image Consulting background (trained via an accredited course approved by the Association of Image Consultants Int’l (AICI)). I often volunteered to host style seminars for the local “Dress for Success” chapter.
  4. My marketing and web content experience is quite diverse ... Job titles have included Consultant, Online Communications Editor, SEO Analytics Lead, Associate Marketing Manager, etc. You get it ... I have had a variety of roles.
The common thread is that I innately brought a fresh “eye”. I think outside of the box and see new possibilities. It’s bringing in that rebel ...  questioning the norm to say “What if...?

Interested in my styling services or have questions?