Runway Stylist/Costumer/Image Consultant
Providing Pro Tools & Insider Reviews


I’m Yolanda Keil. I am a dreamer/former blogger and runway stylist/costumer ... 
                                                                             ... I am Fringed Jewels.

Some Facts About Me:

    • I am not the norm. I don’t follow traditional methodology. I prefer to learn the “rules”, and then boldly carve out my own unique niche (I have been called a rebel before.). I look for the unusual … the loopholes and gaps; seeking new opportunities. 
    • I spent a semester studying abroad in France (initially a month in Cannes, then Paris). It helped me see beyond “my little bubble”.
    • I marched in a few parades at Mardi Gras. I was on the drill team of the Air Force ROTC freshman year at UF. Yep, I spun, tossed and twirled weapons (riffles formerly used in WWI, I believe). I decided that it wasn't a good fit for me (Please the see above comment on being a rebel.).
    • I love working with other creatives ... It is very energizing.
    • I have an image consulting background (trained via an accredited course approved by the Association of Image Consultants Int’l (AICI)). I often volunteered to host style seminars for the local “Dress for Success” chapter.
    • My marketing and web content experience is quite diverse ... Job titles have included Consultant, Online Communications Editor, SEO Analytics Lead, Associate Marketing Manager, etc. You get it ... I have had a variety of roles ... The common thread is that I innately bring a fresh “eye”. I think outside of the box and see new possibilities. It’s bringing in that rebel ...  questioning the norm to say “What if...?” 
    • I like to learn ... I taught myself html (to better control what my former blog looked like) and customized this site. I also taught myself how to use a sewing machine (with the help of an ebook and a Youtube video on threading a bobbin), although I prefer to hand-stitch (I use a machine for work projects.). I'm now learning  the basics of Xcode. I am in the “dev phase” of building my app.

 The Background Story:

I started experimenting with alterations ... I found my passion in channeling my unique style into my deconstructed & reworked clothes. I converted 90% of my packed closet (focusing on those rarely/never worn pieces) into a sustainable collection of funky creations that I couldn’t wait to wear.
I then applied that same deconstructed & reworked aesthetic to each crafted accessory. Each creation is truly a unique original with its own story ... an artistic celebration of creativity. The idea of a story behind each piece makes it more personal. This was the start of a wearable portfolio to showcase my stylist “eye”.

Adding My Style to Decor 

Old border stones reworked into stepping stones

A pendant shade (see above pic) reworked into a lampshade

I instead hung my handcrafted dreamcatcher (first attempt)