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Review: Makeup Masks


Makeup masks serve two key functions:

  1. They protect clothing during changes; for runway, photo shoots, or filming. They keep the clothing/costume smudge-free.
  2. They minimize displaced makeup, saving the makeup artist time from needing to do extensive touch-ups.
I have tried two versions of masks. Here are the pros and cons of each:

Betty Dain

I was able to test this brand while working as a dresser at NYFW. It’s basically a mesh zippered hood. 

Pros: The mesh is a nice quality, resilient and it’s washable/reusable (reduced environmental footprint). These masks are individually packaged … This is great for health/Covid precautions.

Cons: It’s fitted and could mess up styled hair. It also might feel a bit confining … I think this might be why the models that I dressed declined using it.

True Fit Try On 

I have purchased these disposable makeup masks and have used them on film production projects. They are like loose-fitting extra large, mesh shower caps. 

Please Note: There is a “fashion” version with eye holes. I did not test this version since my focus was preventing any/all makeup smudges during costume/look changes.

Pros: The loose fit lessens the confined feeling. The disposability of these masks works well with Covid/health precautions.

Cons: The disposability of these mask is not sustainable… Unless, perhaps, if you assign a mask to an actor … to encourage them to continue to use the same mask.