Handcrafted, Single Edition, One of a Kind Exclusives

Fringed Jewels Diamonds & Pearl Pin (Capsule Collection N°01) Refined Funky Alt Pearl Choker (Updated, Capsule Collection N°01) Leather & Wood Cuff (Capsule Collection N°02) Feather Toggle Necklace (Capsule Collection N°02) an early piece from Capsule Collection N°03 My Reworked Gucci Watch Project One of My Recent Reworks

I was fed up...

That’s how it all started. I was getting dressed for a fashion event. I looked at my packed closet and felt, yet again, like I had nothing to wear that truly reflected my style ... or the fit was a little off.

I think I actually screamed in frustration ... Then decided that I had to do something about it.

I started experimenting with alterations ... I found my passion in channeling my unique style into my deconstructed & reworked clothes. I converted 90% of my packed closet (focusing on those rarely/never worn pieces) into a private, sustainable collection of funky creations that I couldn’t wait to wear.

I then applied that same deconstructed & reworked aesthetic to each crafted accessory. This was the start of Fringed Jewels.

 Celebrating the art of exploring possibilities with an “eye” for unique details

The portfolio of my private collection of upcycled creations...
...Where my “stylist vision” has no limits

I Don’t Do Basic | Reworked Couture

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