The Wearable Portfolio: My Private Collection of Hand Stitched/Crafted, Reworked Creations

Some of My Reworks

Missoni/BCBG Mixup Reworked Vintage Clutch Some of the Jewelry from Capsule Collection N°02 A Reworked Shell Top Diamonds & Pearl Pin (Capsule Collection N°01) Edgy Details Refined Funky Alt Pearl Choker (Updated, Capsule Collection N°01) Reworked Leather Biker Jacket Leather & Wood Cuff (Capsule Collection N°02) Feather Toggle Necklace (Capsule Collection N°02) Reworked: Designers Combined an early piece from Capsule Collection N°03 My Reworked Gucci Watch Project My Funky Tassel Necklace

Fringed Jewels is:

My brand; my experimental and slightly edgy range of fashion styling.

My wearable, 3D portfolio that showcases the scope of my stylist “eye”. 

Celebrating the art of exploring possibilities with an eye for unique details

Where my “stylist vision” has no limits

I Don’t Do Basic | Reworked Couture

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