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Review: On-Set Kit Caddies

 I mentioned before my love for my on-set kit caddy. The rode to finding my ultimate favorite was not a smooth one, and I still customized it to better suit my needs. here I my take on the three caddies I tried…

1) Brand Name: Built Large Market Tote

I don’t believe this one is even available anymore. I got it on Gilt years ago. It was marketed as a large tote (primarily for lunches) with Velcro dividers. 

Pros: The tote is made of neoprene (very lightweight) and you can customize the configurent to some degree.

Cons: The customization didn’t fit my needs. The handles are thick, making it difficult to put them on your wrist, in those frequently common instances of juggling multiple items.

2) Brand Name: Michael’s (I guess) Art Caddy
I caught this one on sale too at Michael’s online. I was in the beginning of my search for an organizational tote for on-set, quick access to supplies.

Pros: This caddy tote has designated compartments as well as lots of exterior pockets. It a canvas tote so it’s relatively lightweight.

Cons: You can’t customize the compartments to fit your needs. The tote isn’t collapsible (for packing for travel to location production sets). Also, the handles have cloth attachments, which are lighter, but less sturdy than the metal versions.

3) Brand Name: Everything Mary Deluxe Store & Tote Craft Organizer
This caddy tote is my favorite … The one I reach for with every project.

Pros: It’s made of polyester canvas (water resistant and lightweight). It is collapsible and compartments that can be customized. This tote is also loaded with lots of exterior pockets. The metal handle attachments promise extra durability.

Cons: There was no cover. I added one by reworking a garment bag (also weather resistant).