The Early Freelance Project

This freelance project was for an artist who was launching a fashion line that featured his artwork converted into prints. I initially managed his social media, but the project quickly evolved into more.

I recommended a campaign strategy and designed/wrote social media cotent. Within a month of implementing my strategy, I received an invite for my client to participate in an industry trade show in Paris.

In addition to creating the below video for the line (my first video), I wrote/edited/uploaded product descriptions and managed web content (using Shopify). I also provided stylist consultation on the photo shoot theme, the behind-the-scenes photos, and products for upcoming collections.

Site Content & Launch/Photoshoot Promotion...
Used for a Facebook ad

Another FB ad

one rendition of web content that I created

Additional Pictures from the Photoshoot...                                            
                                      ...Behind the Scenes/Insider Access shots that I recommended