My Stylist Closet Secret

I believe closet organization is a personal thing. The method really depends on the individual’s preferences. Some might prefer color coding. Some group clothing into categories. While others like combo of the two methods.

My secret for maintaining a neat closet, no matter the organization preference, is a quick access rack. It’s simply a clothing rack (usually purchased to store the off-season clothes). The goal is to use it for your favorite pieces so you can quickly reach and store them.

Why? This trick will make it easier for you to:
  1. Spend less time searching for your favorite pieces.
  2. Put your clothes back on the rack/shelves.
My quick access rack is actually the folding, portable version (often used by stylists). This rack holds the sashes, tops and jackets that I reach for regularly. I took my rack to the next level by adding a velcro-top-closure hanging shelf system. It only occupies 1/4th of the rack.

I use it to store my “frequent flyer” wrinkle-resistant loungewear and other favorites that I wear constantly. This includes a stretch maxi skirt, a few tops (two are Cavalli reworks) and my fave Rick Owens DRKSHDW wrap jacket (a cotton, sweat shirt style, to which I added my flavor via embroidery and a little hand painting). It also holds a couple of pull over neck/shoulder shrugs (a wool one and a reworked velour style with a dramatic train) that I prefer to pair with jackets, in lieu of scarves, when it’s chilly.

I scored both the rack and the shelving on clearance, just before the store Hold Everything (a Williams Sonoma co.) closed a few years ago. Bonus: The rack also had a bottom shelf that fits just above the wheels ... It easily holds bags and shoes.

Update: Another, wide-angle shot

I have seen different versions of both pieces on several retail sites including The Container Store, Walmart, Amazon, Target and Gilt.