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Stylist Closet - My Organization Secrets

I believe closet organization is a personal thing. The method really depends on the individual’s preferences. Some might prefer color coding. Some group clothing into categories. While others like combo of the two methods.

I prefer to group my clothes by categories, but then I also have a few additional tricks... 

1) Suspension Clothes Racks: These are amazing space savers. They are great for maximizing storage when you double the racks. I’m short, so I use a retail garment hook to reach items on the top rack. I have two of these suspension racks, bookending the window. 

2) Favorites/Quick Access Rack: I use this for my “frequent flier” pieces that I reach for often. It’s simply a clothing rack.

Why? This trick will make it easier for you to:
  • Spend less time searching for favorite pieces you wear often.
  • Return your clothes back to the rack/shelves.

My quick access rack holds the sashes, tops and outerwear that I reach for regularly. I took my rack to the next level by adding a velcro-top-closure hanging shelf system and then some drawer organizers.

3) Drawer Organizers: I use a variety of drawer organizers. They really make a difference in my ability to quickly find things.

4) Hanger Control: I have a hanger tote, which is great for projects. However, at home, I have stepped on/broken too many hangers, so I prefer to keep them organized and off the floor. I hang extra hangers on the external wire self baskets that are part of my Elfa storage unit.


5) Small Space - Tall Boot Organizer: I’m sure you’ve seen the boot hangers and racks in addition to allocated shelving in custom closets. Frankly speaking, space is a commodity for me and my budget is limited. However, I recently found this affordable hack. You can hang three pairs of boots with this brilliant hanger (just under $9 on Amazon). It’s like the gift that keeps giving.