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I converted my wardrobe into a wearable portfolio of reworked creations… demonstrate the limitless range of my innovative vision.

A Few Examples...
Each rework is a hand stitched/crafted, one-off... My reworked couture.

Before/After Pictures of Recent Reworked Projects
Reworked Mules

The Reworked Skirt  
The resolution of my love/hate relationship with my low-rise Levi’s...
The Original & Phase One
Phase Two
The Final Phase
The Back View

Deconstructing My Styled Looks:
There are numerous steps, behind each of my laid out, styled looks. Below are a few examples of "my visual story"...

My Styling Signature: 
I combine my eye for unique details, along with my image consulting and diverse marketing background, to elevate the style synergy...

...the personal connection of the individual to the crafted/styled look.

Another Example of My Limitless Vision: 

My “creativity central” art/inspiration wall & workstation corner.
The Update: I reworked the lighting/accents after the cord for the leaf-covered, pendant lamp died.

Where the scope of my stylist vision is limitless

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