Decor Projects

Here are some of my experimental decor projects...

I combined parasols, lighting (another one of my reworked projects) and wall art.
Another wide shot

I repurposed my bistro table into my new workstation.
There are many of my favorite, hand-carved, fair trade pieces
(from Novica, or small businesses that support artisans) in this picture.

I then replaced the table with a few unique stools to increase the exotic vibe.
A wider shot in natural daylight (loving the difference with the highlights & shadows).

I added a hand-painted, faux marble trim to this mirror. 

I added a stone path (recycled from old garden border blocks), lighting and colorful accents to a garden in the city.

The old floral arrangement, seating, lighting and accents added a tropical feel to an urban, enclosed porch.
I Don’t Do Basic | Reworked Couture

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