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September 9, 2021:
“Working” today at Monse: My job was to make sure celebs got the VIP treatment.  My twilight zone moment: When designer Prabal Gurung introduced himself to me. My auto reply: “I know!” Lolololol

Paris Hilton & Nicky Hilton Rothschild

The day before this show, I was offered a dresser slot with a different show producer.  Unfortunately, it was a scheduling conflict … I take my commitments seriously.

Happily, my goal to always be professional & upbeat (I wished them a successful show and suggested perhaps next season.) actually garnered me a booked slot with them for the next season. Yay!!!

10/24/21 Update: I found remnants of the ripped cheat sheets (to help recognize celeb arrivals) in my tote. I’m only posting these a month after the event … I’m sure it won’t interfere with the brand’s coverage of attendees at this point.

August 28, 2021:
I recently wrapped on my second film project and got my first IMDb credit! Yay me!!! 

August 12, 2021:
Yesterday, I joined the team (Wardrobe Department Head - Costumer) on a horror film sequel project. My life feels surreal and I’m loving it!!! … More info to come soon.

July 30, 2021:  
It’s a wrap! I just finished working on my first commercial styling job …  The Costume Designer for “The Rainbow Prince”.

I’m sooo blessed to be a part of a wonderful educational project on diversity.  What a great learning experience with an amazing team. Go CampRainbow!!!

On location

May 11, 2021: 
It’s official. I am very excited and honored to be the Costume Designer for “The Rainbow Prince”. 

 The teaser video:

The week of March 22, 2021: 
This week I signed a contract (wardrobe) for a pilot slotted for Prime/Netflix. I also went to the first staff meeting.

Very exciting times!! Yay me!!! (3/29 Update: I had to bow out of this project — safety concerns.)

January 8, 2021: 
I received an invite to participate in The Redress Design Award 2021 (“The World’s Largest Sustainable Fashion Design Competition”).
December 24, 2020:  
I was invited to participate in a creative challenge from (a platform that showcases emerging creatives, based in Florence, IT). The challenge was to do a “my creative story” Instagram post (See the "my visual story" examples on the home page.). 
They liked the posts ... So, I’m thinking challenge met. 
December 11, 2020:
I received a notification from DHL InMotion informing me that I was chosen as the winner of their Web Series Prize Draw. The prize was a one-year premium BoF membership (a value of $294). 
Thank you DHL InMotion!! 
Yay me!!!
August 5, 2020: 
I was invited to participate in the premiere launch of Fashion News Live Network’s International Digital Fashion Week.
In November, I was invited to participate in their second Digital Fashion Week, and offered the option to enter their 2021 Designer Competition. 

         This is a video I submitted to qualify...