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I Converted My Wardrobe Into A Portfolio of Reworked Creations
Laid Out (Styled) Looks
Reworked Fashion
Reworked Jewelry
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Before and After Pix

The video...

Below are the before & after shots of some of my deconstructed & reworked projects (Click on any picture to see the rotating gallery.)...

The Before, Phase I and Final Phase: My Pink Chuck Taylors

I learned the hard way that the hot & cold water
was switched on my new washing machine

Years Later: A Couple of Favorites That I Couldn’t Let Go...

Before: Vintage 1960’s haori with a vintage Gucci obi belt closure
Reworked:  Making it last with a lumbar pillow cover and a cuff

A favorite pashmina 
Reworked: Converted into the painted & knotted parts of this funky necklace