The Key Elements of a Signature Style

A look from the Dior runway
All style icons are known for a signature style that sets them apart from others. Style icons celebrate true style by embracing and expressing the essence of their personality or brand via their style choices. Their individuality ultimately defines their image.

Here are three core universal elements of signature style...

I: Being an Individual
There is no following the herd here. A true signature style essentially will not fit into the cookie-cutter categories of style ... Think trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

A person with true signature style tends to ignore the trends and the hot celebrity looks. This person prefers to express their own personal spin ...They bring their own "flavor" to their style.

  • Veronica Lake with her signature peek-a-boo hairstyle 
  • Chanel wearing her signature bold jewelry including a long strand of faux pearls in lieu of a short strand of real pearls
  • Madonna with her start-out style of frosted hair, lace, visible underwear, stacked bangles, and cross necklaces and earrings
  • Sade with her refined exotic look; a low ponytail, large hoop earrings and bold red lips

The intensity or the amount may vary, depending on the setting or circumstance, but you will always see the individual's unique stamp on their look.

This doesn't mean that one can never draw from a trend and/or celebrity influences. One can be inspired by an element of a look or trend without losing their individuality ... This could be accomplished in the way a person combines and/or alters separates, wears a signature piece or stacks jewelry, adds a finishing piece in their signature color, etc.

II: Embracing the "Flaw"
What doesn't fit into the "standard" can actually be the very thing that helps one stand apart from the herd. Classic features are nice of course. However, a unique feature can be highlighted and enhanced as a signature trademark. An unusual feature is the very thing that often sets a new standard of beauty.

  • Cindy Crawford's beauty mark-like mole
  • Brooke Shield's and Cara Delevigne's thick, bold eyebrows
  • Angelina Jolie's lips ... They have inspired many to get injections 
  • The gap-tooth smiles of Lauren Hutton and Georgia May Jagger 

III: Confidence
It is virtually impossible to successfully pull off a signature look without confidence ... It is the key element that sells it all. I'm not talking about arrogance or cockiness. I'm referring to the confidence and belief that one's choices will express and highlight their best self ... It's essentially being comfortable in one's own skin.

Who isn't drawn to a confident person?