How Many Pairs of Black Pants Do You Need?

Black pants will never go out of style. Designers often declare other colors as becoming “the new black”, yet who doesn’t own at least one pair of black pants? Not many...

I view black pants as a more-comfortable version of the little black dress. They are perfect for a sexy club or date look. They can also look professional (as part of a suit), or elegant (when paired with a dressy top and heels). Black pants can be combined with separates in virtually any color. The icing on the cake is that they’re also slimming, if worn correctly.

So how many pairs do you really need? You ideally need at least three styles to work for different occasions:

The Casual Pair 
Casual pants are ideal in cotton, twill, jersey and linen fabrics. The key is to go for comfort and ease of fit. You want to be able to easily move, runs errands, exercise, clean or relax.

Think of comfortable, relaxed-fitting jeans, cargo or yoga pants (the comfortable, flattering, non-clingy style with the flare leg).

The “Out” Pair 
This style should be a little more sophisticated. Depending on your preference and personal style, these pants could range from polished to trendy, or even outright sexy. These pants are for going out; dinner, theatre, concerts, clubs or even hot dates where you want to look sexy without trying too hard.

Consider rock star-like style jeans in the popular slim fit, bootleg or flared leg cuts. Other options include trouser or straight leg styles in twill, blends, wool or silk.

The Polished Pair
This style could actually do double duty as the “Out” black pants for more conservative types. The polished black pant can serve as part of a business suit or work as a separate; paired with tops, jackets and/or sweaters for more professional settings.

Trouser and straight-leg styles in mid-weight wools, jersey blends, twills and cotton blends with a satin finish are perfect for “on the job” looks.

The Special Event Pair
This black little specialty is for those times when you need to pull out all of the stops; present your most elegant, yet comfortable best look. Think holiday parties, award ceremonies, anniversaries, etc.

Ideal cuts include the tuxedo style, straight, wide or full leg version in wool, silk, satin or satin-finished blends. Pair them with dressy heels and festive details including lace, velvet, satin, ribbons, embroidery, pearls, other jewels or jewel finishes.