Curvy Secrets: Five Ways To Look Sleek and Polished

Self acceptance is a beautiful thing. Why not embrace your curves and still control the narrative? Not a fan of restrictive slimmers? Here are some tricks to still look polished.

The key is to control the focus...

1) Lines:
Literal — Horizontal lines are tricky. Bold, horizontal lines will focus the eye across the width of the body. One trick is to wear items with different size lines. Another is to add a top layer (jacket or cardi) with a bold, contrasting vertical line.

Visual — Create a vertical focus that draws the eye to the center and/or up and down. Ruching and gathers ... Draping (as opposed to pleats) are also great ways to skim over bulges (like a caress) while controlling the eye flow.

2) Monochromatics:
Wearing a complete ensemble in one, monochromatic color is very slimming. It creates the illusion of one long, sleek line. This technique works best with dark and neutral colors. To add flavor, layer monochromatic textures.

3) Two-Color Focus:
Not into wearing one color? This secret is a great alternative, plus it works very well with color blocking. It’s all in the placement of the contrasting color (It draws focus.).

4) Prints:
  • Mixed Prints — Use the larger/bolder prints in the areas you want to highlight. 
  • Colorful Prints — Colorful prints, like color blocking can be used to control the focus on a particular part of the body. 
  • Directional Prints — Chevron, vertical and diagonal stripes are friends. They draw the focus towards the center and/or up and down the length of the body.

5) Jacket Fit:
Jackets that are single-breasted, long and feature smaller lapels are slimming. Ones that are structured; nipped-in at the waist and that flare at the hips are also a great way to emphasize curves.