Being Your Best You

I am very goal-oriented. I focus on the future a lot, and often need to remind myself to live in the day.

I am also very improvement-focused. I often approach tasks with a "how can we do it better" mindset  ... It has helped me identify opportunities to make significant contributions. I've channeled some of that creative energy into my rework projects.

I also have a habit of looking within ... I often ask myself if I am actively working towards being my best possible me. This habit has led me to develop my systematic approach for becoming the best me possible.

My Four-Step Approach

Step 1: Self Assessment
Take a good, honest look at yourself; the good, the things you don't like ... all of it. Identify the realistic, doable things you can work on ... Losing five pounds, substituting one bad snack with a healthy alternative, taking better care of your skin, drinking more water, cutting down on the swearing, etc. Commit to doing one small doable step that you can fit into your daily schedule.

Step 2: Project You
Start with a little step. Some examples ...
  • Drink a glass of water when you wake. 
  • Do five stomach crunches before you shower. 
  • Put makeup remover wipes next to your bed so you have no excuse for falling asleep with your makeup still on.
  • Decide to use a less offensive alternate for one curse word you frequently use.
Remember to start small. Decide to commit to no more than two mini-projects. It's easier stay focused with a smaller target.

My favorite quote from Bruce Lee ... "The successful warrior is the average man, with laser focus."

Step 3: Determine Your USP
What makes you stand out? What is it about you that makes you stand apart from others? I like to use the marketing term, USP (Unique Selling Position). Hint: It's usually what you may originally see as a flaw.

Every major brand had to figure out its USP in order to become successful. It is no different with people. You must convince the decision makers of your USP when you interview for a job or go for a promotion. Knowing your USP is a strength that boosts self-knowledge and confidence ... We all love a little confidence.

Now think about how you can flaunt it. Okay, maybe not flaunt it, but the goal is to embrace and love your USP.

Step 4: Dream
Visualize your ideal, best you. How would you look? What are you wearing? What type of job would you have? Who would you spend your free time with? What's your typical day like?

Hint: Your USP should be a key component of your dream you.

Revisit what you are doing now. How does the current you align with the you of your dreams? The dream you is the "big picture" goal. The Project You steps should be key milestones in achieving the big picture, dream you.