The Reworked Maxi Skirt

I kind of lost my mind for a sec on a reworked maxi skirt fixation. I had experimented with one and discovered the heavenly blend of comfort and sophistication all wrapped up in a maxi skirt.

I wore the resulting skirt frequently so I tried more. I moved from reworking a couple of forgotten jeans onto wide legs (denim and cotton), yoga pants and even an old favorite pair of men’s flannel pajama bottoms.

Here are  the results...

Skirts Reworked from Wide Leg Pants

A Skirt Reworked from Yoga Pants

A High-Low Mermaid Bottom (Reworked from Two Skirts)

My First Reworked Skirt (from Two Forgotten Pairs of Jeans)

A Skirt Reworked from Men’s Flannel Pajama Bottoms

I Don’t Do Basic | Reworked Couture

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