My “In Works” Bag Update

*** I just added another bag that I updated. Scroll down to see the before & after shots. ***

I had this satchel that I really liked. Unfortunately, it was kind of heavy when it was empty. Naturally, I rarely carried it.

It wasn’t until I officially put the bag in the “to go to Goodwill” group that I felt the need to try to work with it...

I removed the lining and pretty, extraneous leather that added to the bag’s weight. Then I added side grommets and braided suede lacing to limit the floppy drape of the side panels.

Next, I reattached an inner pocket and added my funky color treatment (to take it from conservative to the next level).

I’ll finish it off with a sealer and leather conditioning.

Update: I just added a little funky tweak to another bag...

I Don’t Do Basic | Reworked Couture

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