The History Behind the Creation of Fringed Jewels

I developed my deconstructed & reworked aesthetic when I got fed up.

I was getting ready for a fashion event. As I faced my full closet, I felt (yet again) like I had nothing to wear. I simply decided that I had enough.

I started with minor alterations, then started experimenting. I soon became obsessed with exploring my creativity. Turning my “what ifs” into pieces that I love is inspiring and very energizing. It’s almost addictive.

I reworked my closet full of never/barely-worn items into a wardrobe of pieces I couldn’t wait to wear.

I felt a burning desire to take my creative outlet to the next level ... hence, the creation of Fringed Jewels.

Here is a video of some of my experimental projects ... The pieces that allowed me to test my creative  spirit...

FYI: I produce these videos via my iPhone/iPad ... I edit the pictures in Photoshop Express in addition to producing the music.
I Don’t Do Basic | Reworked Couture

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