Updated: Some Special Projects

I tend to multi-task my creative projects. It’s quite normal for me to work on three or four pieces at a time.

All of these projects have gone through an evolution; several phases of changes (or applying a finish to the shoes). I did notice a consistent pattern; the influence was my love of the beautiful, marble-like finish of Venetian plaster.

Examples of Venetian plaster
My neck drape (worn like a necklace)
Final Phase - Originally a basic denim trench
The original and the Phase I changes

Update: I added one more project; I refined my reworked Gucci watch. I changed the chains to the beautiful, refined silver version shown to add sophisticated edge.

Second Update: I decided to update the bracelet with part of a forgotten chainmail bracelet, then changed the hanging chains (This one doesn’t get tangled (note the bend in the longer chain in second pic) and is a better complement for the chainmail.).