My Creative Command Center

My ideal work area combines creativity with functionality. It’s where I can escape and feel comfortable when I’m brainstorming.

I like to combine bright pops of color with artful pieces. Additionally, I’m kind of a control freak and like to have plenty of organizational containers (I assign specific places for everything; to avoid going crazy searching for things - peace of mind is a beautiful thing.).

Phase I of my workstation 
One Additional Key Element: I like to stay open to change. I am always looking for ways to improve. My rework mindset is innate, so I instinctively did this with several items...

  • The Versace whiskey glasses hold fave pens & tools 
  • The hanging necklaces are suspended from a belt hanger 
  • The purchased lazy susan is made from a repurposed wine barrel
  • I repurposed my desktop organizers by lining the drawers with velvet contact paper for jewelry storage  

Naturally, this approach also applies to my workstation changes. My rework projects tend to be fluid and are often done in phases. Phase II of my workstation involved replacing the Moroccan cabinet with a former audio/visual shelving unit and adding more organizational items.

Phase II

I Don’t Do Basic
Reworked Couture

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