Capsule Collection Details

As I’ve said before, there is a story behind each of my creations. So, what are some of the stories behind Collection N°02?

Buttons... They were the inspiration for a few experimental pieces. The bracelet, featured here, was made primarily of wood and resin buttons.

Other items in the collection were repurposed... I cut up never-worn shoes, took a hammer to old cuffs that were a little too tight, broke apart never-worn necklaces, etc. No idea was too crazy. I tried to stay open and receptive to anything that popped into my mind.

Colorful Buttons
Before: Wood & Resin Buttons

After: Button Bracelet

The Reworked Faux Fur Scarf
Before: Kenneth Cole Faux Fur Scarf
After: Belted Faux Fur Clutch

The Never-Worn, Reworked Wedge

Before: The Suede Wedge - to be Deconstructed & Reworked

After: Leather & Wood Cuff

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