Blogger Converts Forgotten, Never-Worn Finds into Bold, Fearless Accessories


Fringed Jewels is my eclectic, handcrafted line of accessories where I convert discarded, overlooked items into bold, fearless pieces.

I channel my deconstructed & reworked aesthetic into each creation. I breathe a new, repurposed life into forgotten things; creating exclusive, one-off pieces with a funky edge.

Fringed Jewels is the byproduct of my love of creative, unique detailing and craftsmanship. I have been blogging about fashion for quite some time. However, I was never the typical blogger ... I preferred to focus on showcasing pieces with unusual details in lieu of modeling them. Channeling my love of unique detailing into my own clothing seemed like the natural, obvious next step.

The transition into reworking items was jump-started out of frustration. I got fed up with facing a full closet and feeling like I had nothing to wear. I simply decided to do something about it. I had nothing to lose ... I already spent the money. Any attempt, failed or successful, was better than just looking at all of things that I purchased, yet didn't wear.

Through trial, error and plain stubbornness, I eventually converted 90% of my packed closet  into a deconstructed & reworked wardrobe (I focused primarily on those rarely/never worn pieces.). My reworked items had a great fit, functionality and reflected my style... sophisticated, with a touch of drama, and a good dose of a rebellious, funky edge.

I soon channeled that same deconstructed & reworked aesthetic into my Fringed Jewels projects ... Reworking forgotten, overlooked items into stylish pieces that I couldn't wait to use.

I love experimenting, testing my creativity, and seeing the results.